Sunday, August 02, 2009

Last post

I think this will be the last post I do here at this blog. Going to try and keep just the one blog up to I will now be hanging out at come on over and say Hi.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have started a new blog...even though I am not a regular or very well committed blogger, I think I needed another blog just for my crafty stuff. It is called and I am planning to post all the wonderful cards and scrappy stuff that I make on it.

On another note, if you want to check out a fresh, competitive and superbly organised NEW ONLINE SCRAPPING STORE, go check out my lovely friends new shop.
Heike Brennan has opened She has given her new and lovely Design Team their task for August, and the challenges will begin on AUGUST go check it out.
I am doing some things to do with photography over there. I am really looking forward to learning more about my camera myself - I am amateur status, but love learning more.

Well, best shoot off and get to bed. 6.30am start for me in the morning....I really don't like getting up that early, but once you are, the early part of the morning truly is magnificient, especially the past few days in which the weather has been perfect.
Happy Tuesday everyone.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First dental visit

Yesterday was Tom's first visit to the Dentist. We had a lovely lady called Robyn who was magic at doing a filling. My little man was so brave. He sat for nearly a whole hour by the time his teeth were checked, xrayed, and filled. I was so worried that he had holes...we thought we were pretty good at caring for his teeth - but Robyn made me feel better and said that some baby teeth were prone to decay. Lets hope his second teeth are nice and strong. On that note, he now has 2/3 plus 1/3 of his new front teeth. They grow a little each week. I noticed his second front tooth had cut through after my return from Sydney on the 28th June.

On another note, I am resigning from my Design Team position at 3 Angels Scrapping. I have been on the team since August 2007. I have learnt alot, met some great people and had a wonderful time whilst working there. Thank you to all the ladies who wished me well on the forum. I appreciate your kind words.

My plans for craftiness and creating in my future - I am hoping go something along the lines of the following three things.

1. I am looking to start a little card making business...creating hand made cards and selling them. I have probably sold around 100 so far, to family and friends and some at a fundraiser. I have had a very good response to them to date(from non crafty people hee hee...maybe they are easily impressed!) Anyway, it is something I really enjoy doing.

2.I would like to start some classes at home...probably card or scrapbooking classes. I will aim to do one a month to begin with and see how they go.

3. I want to further my photography skills and would love to photograph families...natural, candid stuff.

So I am planning to follow my dreams of building a small home based business...hopefully one that may one day help sustain my family. Taking steps in a new direction is often hard, and anyone that knows me well knows I am not a big risk taker and am not terribly confident in my own abilities. I guess at the end of the day, people that know me would understand this.

So these things are on my list to do at the moment.

I start a teaching contract on 31 August - 31 October this year at Tom's school. Teaching Year 1 in the mornings and doing Learning Support in the afternoons. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to work in a school again. I really miss working school hours. My mum and dad have been wonderful helping with the care of Tom before and after school, but it will be wonderful not to have to organise care for him before and after school.

Well, that is about all I want to remember at the moment.
Happy Birthday to Cath my SIL who catches up with me tomorrow (in age). Happy 42nd Cath! Have baked her a chocolate cake for tomorrow - actually a recipe which she gave me!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Crawfords

We have had some very dear friends visit us this week. Lucy and Baz, Lexie and Kel and Marty all came down from the Sunshine Coast on Thursday to have a little holiday with us.

Sat morning was Tom's soccer game in Yamba...freezing, but worth it. My little man is quite talented, even though i know I am his mum and am biased. He is getting the gist of the game and scored a few goals this week. They all like to be the star at this age (maybe any age?) and I have some very cool photos of him rejoicing in his goal kicking glory.

Last night was the BBQ with Tony and Cath, Liam, Georgia and Ella, along with our lovely neighbours Bek, Aaron and Alex. The boys all sang a few tunes...which improved with the alcohol consumption...luckily Liam kept them on track - Liam is a very talented little guitarist - go Liam!

Baz and Dan had to share Baz's glasses, which presented a small problem considering neither could read the lyrics or the chords without them...hence, a little improvisation occurred.

And here is Tommy performing at Maclean Bowling Club with his kindy class. They sang three songs, I'm a bushranger, Tigger and the Underwear song. They were a big hit and we were very proud parents.

And of course, the mandatory family and friends shoot...even though Baz hates smiling, he did quite well. Tom and Marty become good friends quickly again. Kids are so great with becoming instant friends.

They all head home tomorrow and we will be sad to see them leave. We have had such a nice time with them.

Friday, July 03, 2009

2 sketches 4 You - sketch 29

Lately I have been on a card making journey, so this week I thought I would try out this sketch at This is the first time I have entered a competition on this website, so many beautiful cards and I would never had made a card like this if it weren't for the sketch. The stamp is Hero Arts and papers are SEI. The prize is one of those fabulous SCORE-IT boards, which the lovely Heike let me use at the retreat last week.

This is my interpretation of the sketch:

Love these colours together, lime green and pink - and it is not even Xmas.




Tuesday, May 26, 2009

42 years...

is what i am today.
This is just a quick post, with some photos from the last week. We have had major flooding here and have been isolated since last Thurs afternoon. All things considered, the floods havent bothered us at all really. No water in houses, and the kids have had a blast playing in the street and roaming from one house to another.

Here come the photos.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Relay for Life...Relay for my dad...Relay for Honey...Relay for Michelle...Relay for all those who have been touched by cancer

This is what we did yesterday, starting at 3pm and going through to 9am this morning.

We walked to fight against cancer...a community of around 6000 pulled together and raised $70 thousand dollars. AMAZING.
The walk began at 3pm. My very dear friend Michelle shared her story about her cancer survival. She is one of the bravest people I know. Honey is also one of the bravest people I know, and my dad is one of the bravest people I know. All these people who we love have had cancer, fought it and beat it. This was for celebrate their lives and give hope to all those and their families who ard fighting this terrible, terrible thing.
One of the most moving things I have ever experienced was walking the circuit with the lights out and seeing the rows of hope bags lit with candles inside. All of the messages written on the bags is one of the saddest and at the same time inspirational things i have ever seen.
Thank you to everyone who donated and made this such a special event.